Ways to Give

Sullins Academy is able to sustain its traditions and fulfill its mission as a premier independent school because of generous contributions from numerous individuals. As a private institution, Sullins receives no financial support from local, state, or federal agencies. It is not affiliated with any church or religious organization.  Sullins derives all of its income from tuition and voluntary contributions.

In a typical year, tuition covers approximately 80% of the annual cost of a child’s education. This helps to keep the cost of attending Sullins an affordable option for many families.  Remaining revenue comes entirely from voluntary or philanthropic contributions.

Parent participation in our annual fund is a strong indicator of the success of an independent school.  Sullins is proud to be among the leaders of independent schools nationwide in parent participation rates of over 80%. Strong participation helps us in applying for corporate donations and grants.

Sullins is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization under the code of the Internal Revenue Service. Voluntary or philanthropic gifts to the school may be counted as charitable tax deductions.  Contributions can be made under the following categories:

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