Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts are major gifts to an investment fund.  Earnings are used to supplement the operating budget of the school.  The earnings of the Sullins Academy endowment fund, established in 2007, are restricted to faculty compensation.  The growth of the fund is essential for attracting and retaining the best teachers in the region.  Only the interest and dividends of the fund are available for expenditure.  The principal remains intact.

Endowment gifts are typically larger than gifts to the Annual Fund or to a restricted cause, and they are made in response to an appeal over a specified number of years.  A substantial endowment can help secure the future of Sullins Academy. A gift to the endowment fund is an investment in faculty compensation.  New endowment earning might also be used for enriched academic programs, scholarships, and technological improvements.

Leadership gifts are large contributions in the early stage of a campaign, that set the pace of giving. They provide an example of generosity, advance the mission of Sullins Academy and transform lives within the Sullins community.

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