Our Philosophy

Qualities of character, such as respect and integrity, regularly distinguish Sullins Academy students.  Our students are enriched further by learning the value of genuine, hard work through consistent effort, diligence, and perserverance.  When achieving goals, Sullins students experience an appropriate sense of satisfaction and pride in both their individual and group accomplishments; yet students regulary display an attitude of humility in many kind acts of service to others.  The potential for leadership is recognized and fostered in every student through various school and community service opportunities.  Life and leadership skills, such as maturity, independence and responsibility, are integral to the lives of our students who embody the Sullins’ commitment to character development.

The administration, faculty and staff at Sullins Academy consistently utilize cutting edge research as our basis for guided student instruction, facility management, and professional development.  We consider ourselves leaders in understanding children.  Through this understanding, each Sullins Academy student is appropriately challenged; the mind of each student developed.  Each member of the Sullins Academy faculty acts as a facilitator to our students as they journey toward becoming critical thinkers.  We encourage them to question and we inspire them to learn.

Our students acquire skills of collaboration, active listening, respect for the contributions of others, and confidence in their own voice and ideas.  Our classrooms provide a safe and challenging environment while responding to constantly evolving student needs and performance.  We ensure a progressive, fully integrated curriculum through spiraling and scaffolding of instruction as well as the incorporation of technology in our comprehensive lessons.

Upon graduation, Sullins Academy students emerge from a safe, nurturing environment where individual growth and curiosity have been encouraged.  Our graduates have learned to appreciate their roles as individuals in a global society.  These young men and women are recognized for their sense of community, respect toward others, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to excellence — evidence of the Sullins Academy philosophies and traditions that will continue to mold them into citizens and leaders prepared for the twenty-first century.

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