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April 29, 2016

The Benefits Of Sullins Academy   

When I found out that I was going to attend Sullins Academy this year it was the most bittersweet feeling I have ever felt in my life. I have been in Washington County Public Schools all my life, so I knew it was definitely going to be a different experience. But on the other hand I would be leaving behind all of my friends. Even though I was leaving them behind I knew that I would create new friendships and have an amazing academic experience. Because of Sullins Academy, I have had some of the most unique opportunities, greatest teachers, and fantastic friendships I will ever have.  

As a former student in Public Schools, I can say with insight that I have had unlimited opportunities and unique experiences this year. I am looking forward to the field trip at Tybee Island. I really enjoyed watching the women’s ultimate frisbee team from Harvard. For a sports enthusiast like me, that was once in a lifetime opportunity.  Also, we as students have the capability to take high school level classes like geometry in 7th grade. And I have been able to help the community with projects such as going to the soup kitchen.

These experiences and opportunities would not be possible without our wonderful teachers. We have teachers in this school who will not rest until every question of ours is answered. I would like to name some of the teachers here that changed my academic life. Mrs. Ruble was my first preschool teacher at Abingdon Christian Academy. Mrs. Morris, you have gone above and beyond with English terms with me. Mrs. Mac, you have told me many stories and have taught me the most interesting facts in history and for that I thank you. Mr. Weber, you have shown me a new way of studying that brings the best grades and knowledge from me. Coach Paul, you have shown me a clear path to peak my physical fitness. Mrs. Hampton, you have shown me the true fun, importance, and excitement of learning. You also taught me how to think with a growth mindset. And Mrs. V, you have brought out the best in me by showing me an ambitious work ethic.  

Finally, In my short year at Sullins, I have met some of my greatest friends. I have seen friendliness in each Sullins Academy student. You always push and encourage others to be the best they can be.  Before school started, I met some of my best friends. Even though they had never met me, they opened themselves up to me and treated me almost like family.  These students include but are not limited to, Hudson C., Harrison S., Andrew S., and Charles C. They portrayed the true student mindset of a Sullins Academy student. Sullins students are always optimistic and show a bright path to academic excellence.

Sullins is a great school. With its great teachers, students and opportunities, we are truly blessed to have the privilege to attend it. This school can and will show a bright path to the life of an exceptional student. I have truly had the experience of a lifetime. Thank you.



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