Sullins Character Education

8 Junior Kindergarteners Share Their Favorite Things About School

December 09, 2015

We love Sullins!

Besides our favorite teacher, Ms. Shankel, here are our favorite things about school:

Alice - “Doing art, Spanish, rhyming, learning about counting, and book center”

Kate - “Being the weather watcher, learning about patterns, and ice cream Fridays”

Maddie - “Spending the day with my friends, P.E., and drawing on the board”

Baxley - “George, drawing on the board, and seeing my friends”

Drew - “Painting and P.E.”

Sophia - “Making spiders, measuring with pumpkins and gummy worms, painting, and playing on

the playground”

Rylan - “Cupcakes, the playground, blocks, and race cars”

George- “Playing outside with my friends, going to computer class and gym”

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