10 Ways Your Sullins Fund Gift Helps!

December 09, 2015

With only 10 days left in our #49Kin49Days Sullins Fund Drive we want to share with you 10 ways you help our school when you make a gift:

10- Guided Reading program for Lower School students to challenge each child individually

9- First Aid supplies to fix boo-boos

8- Security system fees to keep our students safe

7- Paints, paper, and brushes for our students to create masterpieces

6- Owl pellets, worms, frogs, and other cool supplies for science experiments

5- Diplomas, cords, pins, and trophies to honor our students’ hard work

4- Internet, iPads, and classroom technology to bring the world to our fingertips

3-  Green Team recycling that teaches our children sustainability

2- Financial Aid so a Sullins education is not out of reach for anyone

1- Salaries and benefits so our students have the best teachers

Be a part of making our school a better place.  Give to The Sullins Fund at www.sullinsacademy.org/give-online

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