Aviation Challenge Daily Logs

May 08, 2015 - 3:00am

Aviation Challenge. Huntsville, Alabama

7th and 8th Grade

Aviation Challenge, May 3
Good evening from Aviation Challenge!  The hashtag #aviationchallengeaccepted2K15 is very appropriate.  The seventh and eighth graders are certainly taking this challenge head on.  They have already completed many team building activities and have received their call signs for the week.  Tonight, they will begin their introduction to flight and patrolling.

Aviation Challenge, May 4
The day began early at Aviation Challenge with girls of the Hornets getting their rooms ready for the daily inspection.  After breakfast, they loaded up on the transport truck to begin flight training.  They have learned about take off, landing, navigation, and air and ground weaponry.  The teams have also learned about land survival and had am introduction to drill and ceremony.  They are very good at standing at parade rest and answering their leader with the appropriate response.  Tonight, they will learn about flight physiology and orienteering.

Aviation Challenge, May 5
Today was an eventful day Aviation Challenge.  After working on simulators, the teams moved to the water tank.  During this activity, the students learned how to survive if their planes were shot down over water.  They learned to use their helmets and camo pants as flotation devices.   After dinner, they learned how to procure water and food and practice patrolling.

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