Sullins Character Education

1st Semester Highlights from the Head of School

January 23, 2015 - 3:00am

Happy New Year! Who can believe that we have a full semester behind us already at Sullins Academy. My family and I are THRILLED to be a part of the Sullins community, and we are thankful for so many aspects of this special school. Here are some highlights from Fall 2014 from the Rehm Team’s perspective.

1.) Rigorous Academics: We see our children thriving in the classroom as they are challenged by the reading program and offered differentiated curriculum through Accelerated Math. Our children are gaining confidence as they are led by their nurturing teachers. We see our daughter eagerly raising her hand and participating more than ever before, and we see our son motivated by his challenging math lessons and reading group.  

2.) Strong Sense of Community: Our children ran and giggled with their new-found friends as they romped around the Bounce Houses on the front lawn of the school during the Fall Picnic. We enjoyed coaching a Sullins soccer team and seeing the players learn to work together over the course of the season. Our children already look up to their eighth grade babysitters as they watch these “big kids” give speeches at Assembly, lead the cheerleading team on the sidelines of a middle school basketball game, and co-teach their ballet classes. We are so thankful that the Sullins community extends far beyond the classroom walls.

3.) Great Parental Involvement: We are so grateful to all of the parents who tirelessly give time/resources to the school. As my wife serves as a Homeroom Mom, she has been amazed at how willing Sullins parents are to assist with a Holiday Party, help meet a classroom need, or drive a group of students to a Field Trip. Sullins parents plan great events, bake delicious food, create beautiful holiday baskets, and most importantly, support the teachers everyday.

4.) Spirit of Service: Our children have had incredible opportunities to serve this fall. Over Winter Break, we listened with pride as our son told his great-grandfather, a World War II veteran, about his recent field trip to the VA hospital with Sullins students. He described how his class went to “encourage those brave men who served,” and shared pictures of the flags and cards the students delivered to veterans. From the school-wide canned food drives to the first graders visit to the Child Advocacy Center, we have seen Sullins students serve in big and small ways.

We look forward to a spring semester full of more new and exciting experiences for our family.


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