Thanksgiving Essay: A Turkey's Thoughts on Thanksgiving

November 27, 2014 - 3:00am

This is a love story about two turkeys named Caroline and Roland.  Caroline is a 12 year old.  She is very energetic, smart, funny, and happy.  Caroline lives in Ohio.  Roland is 13 years old.  He is lonely, cute, shy, and sweet.  He lives in Illinois.  The story takes place during Thanksgiving week in 2014.  Caroline and Roland will meet when they both go on vacation to Hawaii.

Caroline is packing her bags and thinks to herself, “I hope Hawaii is better than Ohio!”  She is running away and has booked the first flight to Hawaii.  She is scared that she will get smoked like her mother was last year!  Two hundred miles away, Roland is thinking the same thing.  Both turkeys want to escape Thanksgiving!  He has booked the first flight to Hawaii too.  He doesn’t know it, but he booked the same flight as Caroline!

On the flight, they end up getting seats next to each other.  When Caroline sees Roland she is immediately in love.  They both become friends quickly!  When they discover they are going to the same place for the same reasons they are very happy.  When they arrive, they stay together till they both find hotels.  They agree to meet at the beach in the morning.

The next morning at the beach Roland proposed to Caroline.  Caroline agreed instantly!  They both got away from being smoked for Thanksgiving dinner! Although Caroline and Roland were happy, their siblings were not.  Their siblings were getting smoked while Caroline and Roland were happy!

Being a love bird on Thanksgiving is definitely better than being a turkey on Thanksgiving!



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