Preschool Curriculum

Language Development

In Preschool, the students learn the basic skills of listening and comprehension. They engage in a variety of experiences that teach appropriate spoken language and encourage the development of emerging literacy. An introduction to colors, letters, shapes, and numbers takes place within the memorable context of story times, rhymes, learning centers, and songs. Preschool uses the Frog Street Presscurriculum.


Preschoolers are introduced to math through play and hands-on activities. The students encounter shapes, spaces, and numbers in an exciting and enjoyable way, while practicing skills of measurement and comparison. Through the manipulation of physical objects, the students gain confidence in their abilities of observation and problem solving.


Science at the preschool level involves learning through discovery and the use of the five senses. Through books, videos, hands-on activities, field trips, and creative play, the students learn to make connections to science almost every day. The students discover that the world around them provides endless opportunities to explore.

Social Studies

Preschoolers are introduced to history, geography, civics, and economics in ways that make sense to them at this stage of their development. The students talk about families, the classroom, teachers, and community helpers. The students discuss holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The states of Virginia and Tennessee serve as a starting point for geographical awareness. The students learn about a few famous presidents and other people from history as they come to grasp the significance of the past, present, and future. Food, clothing, money, music, art, and stories serve as learning tools as the students begin to grasp the larger concepts that they will study for years to come in greater and greater depth.

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