Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the head of school, helping to ensure a standard of academic excellence while also regularly addressing any emerging academic trends or issues.  When appropriate, the committee makes recommendations to the board to ensure that Sullins Academy adheres to policies, practices, programs and measurement systems typical of leading independent schools and that support the academic mission.  Current committee members include:

  • Kristen Reedy, parent of 5th Grade student - Committee Chair
  • Roy Vermillion - Interim Head of School
  • Susan Ruble - Primary School Division Head
  • Paul McNamara - Special Area Coordinator
  • Lisa Dean - Parent of alumni
  • Ashley Taylor - Parent of Jr. K and 1st Grade students
  • Karen Olsen - Parent of 8th and 3rd Grade students
  • Robin Bagnall - Parent of alumni
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