Interviews and Testing


Interviews with the Director of Admissions and the Head of School are required as part of the application process at Sullins Academy. It is also important for prospective students to spend at least one day in the classroom. This allows the student to get acquainted with teachers and with the daily experience at Sullins before a final decision on admission is made.


Grade appropriate assessments in reading comprehension and math are given to all students entering second grade or higher in a non-threatening setting. Students entering Kindergarten or first grade take the School Readiness Test (SRT), which takes approximately 45 minutes and is administered by Kindergarten and first grade teachers. Others take a grade/age level appropriate assessment to ensure proper placement.

Entrance Age

September 30 is the date used to determine placement in early grades. By this date students must reach:

  • their fourth birthday to enter Pre-Kindergarten
  • their fifth birthday to enter Kindergarten
  • their sixth birthday to enter first grade

The Head of School and the faculty determine appropriate placement.

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