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Students require a more diverse education in order to be competitive in a growing technological society. The need to be computer-literate is essential to communicate and function in our ever-changing world. Developing technological competence improves problem-solving skills, encourages lifelong learning, and fosters creativity and collaboration with others. The Sullins classrooms are innovative and information rich. Sullins teachers use technology in increasingly creative ways for instruction and classroom management.

The Sullins Academy technology program is designed so every child is introduced to basic computer skills at an early age. The technology department has revised its curriculum to have a more integrated approach to instruction. The program has developed into a cooperative and coherent curriculum that reinforces classroom learning while at the same time building a broader technical understanding of computer hardware and software.

Preschool and kindergarten children are taught to understand and follow simple one and two step directions. Beginning keyboarding skills as well as mouse manipulation are emphasized throughout the year. Students also learn basic computer vocabulary.

Lower school students learn the proper care and maintenance of computer, and they acquire basic knowledge and understanding of computer components and their functions. Menu driven problem solving and work processing are introduced as well. Computer terminology and function are addressed on a simple level, in order to build a strong base for future technical learning. The students are encouraged to experiment and explore within the safe confines of a computer. They complete step oriented assignments as they develop critical thinking skills and come to an increased understanding of technology and its multi-faceted dimensions.

Intermediate school students continue to enhance and develop their technical skills by producing increasingly more complicate documents. They are introduced to more complex and abstract terminology, to increasingly challenging software, and to the structure and complexity of networks.

Middle school students continue to advance their technical skills through the creation of complex and sophisticated documents. They are introduced to computer programming and complete exercises that develop abstract thinking skills. Students learn to distinguish between copyrighted and public domain software and are required to articulate both the positive and negative aspects of computers and technology.

Sullins Academy keeps itself on the cutting edge of educational technology. Both teachers and administrators are constantly searching for new ways to improve and enrich the educational experience of our students.

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