Sullins Traditions


The music program at Sullins Academy is committed to providing an aesthetic environment that enables students to develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Knowledge of music is fundamental to the education of the whole child, allowing students to draw connections between the disciplines, to understand the importance of the continuation of cultural heritages, and to find joy and excitement in the learning process.

Preschool students are introduced to music and its concepts in their regular classroom. The students explore opposites such as quiet and loud, fast and slow, long and short, and high and low. A variety of musical timbres are presented through singing, hearing, and playing instruments. Movement is also a key component in understanding music in the early phases. As children respond to and explore music through movement, the underlying concepts are reinforced and a foundation for further music appreciation is formed. In preschool the music curriculum is a tool for developing listening and creative expression.

Students in levels K-5 meet for music twice a week, during which they sing songs from various genres of music. The goal is to develop their understanding of music theory and to improve their vocal technique. During these years, students learn music terminology and how to read music.They also participate in the musical performance for Grandparents’ Day in November. This concert, the theme of which varies each year, is one of the showcases of the year.

Middle school students have music once a week for one trimester. In this class they sing songs from various genres of music to learn concepts of music theory and to improve vocal technique. They also continue their study of terminology and advance their skills at reading music.

Technology becomes central at this level, as the students use their iPads to explore musical concepts and even to compose music.

Middle school students are also able to take an elective class, in which they audition for and take part in a Junior Broadway Musical. They perform this musical in the spring. This is one of the highlights of the year for the entire Sullins community.

In addition to the regular music curriculum, students at Sullins have the opportunity to take private music lessons. Lessons are available in piano, guitar, traditional violin, and voice, and students are given several opportunities during the year to perform before the Sullins community.

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