Sullins Character Education

Foreign Language

The foreign language program at Sullins Academy supports and complements the philosophy and objectives of the school. The program provides students an exposure to the world around them as well as an awareness and appreciation for other cultures and ways of life. It also develops an ability to express one’s ideas both orally and in written form in another language. Sullins offers Spanish to all grade levels starting in preschool. 

Preschool through fifth grade students use the Teach Them Spanish series, published by Instructional Fair. This is an age-appropriate series emphasizing basic vocabulary, such as numbers, colors, classroom objects, family members, food, clothing, and animals. Lessons include games, puzzles, songs, chats, and written exercises. The emphasis at this level is on vocabulary and the appreciation of foreign culture.

In the middle school, the curriculum follows Paso A Paso A & B, published by Prentice Hall. This program is based on the belief that the purpose of learning Spanish is to communicate with the people who speak it and to understand their cultures. The program stresses the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is designed with the middle school learner in mind. Eighth graders are prepared to test into Spanish II as they graduate to local high schools.

The Spanish program offers numerous resource materials to strengthen and enrich the learning process, such as music, games and web-based lessons. Technology with IPads and internet resources have become an integral part of the foreign language experience. Activities are varied and challenging and address different learning styles. The basic skills studied in the earlier grades continue to be developed through middle school. Cultural awareness lessons are presented throughout the curriculum

Middle school students participate in a number of activities such as International Day. On this occasion, all Spanish language students present skits, songs and food for the entire school. The entertainment and refreshments relate to Spanish culture.

An outgrowth of the foreign language study is the Spanish Study Buddy Program. Seventh graders take the Spanish Study Buddy Program to a local preschool. They create lessons and teach two six week sessions to more than forty children.

Technology plays an essential role in the teaching of foreign languages at Sullins. The resources online for the study of foreign language are countless, and the teachers at Sullins are always looking for ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

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