Field Trips

Throughout the school year, Sullins Academy students go on field trips to complement, enrich, and deepen their classroom learning. These trips range from the local to the distant. While being exciting and fun, these trips are designed to be relevant to the curriculum of specific classes.

Local theater and ballet offer enrichment to language arts, drama, and music. The Barter Theater in Abingdon provides the opportunity for students of all ages to see the stories of print brought life. Not only do Sullins students watch performances at the theater itself, but the Barter Players also bring their performances to Sullins. Trips to the local Highlands Ballet Company and Bristol Ballet offer a visual and musical interpretation to literature.

Lower school students visit Cooper’s Gem Mine in Bloutville, TN, the Rocky Mount Museum, a living history site in East Tennessee, and Oak Hill School, a one-room schoolhouse in Jonesborough, Tennessee. These experiences bring a hands-on experience to lessons in science, history, and frontier literature.

In the intermediate school, the fourth grade trip to Colonial Williamsburg and the fifth grade trip to Washington, DC both serve to reinforce and augment lessons in American history and literature.

The middle school trips are always a highlight of the year. Each year the sixth grade travels to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center museum. The seventh and eighth grades alternate each year between trips to Tybee Island, Georgia and New York City. These exciting and exhilarating experiences serve as unforgettable, cross curricular supplements to classroom work in science, math, social studies, language arts, and foreign language.

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