Middle School

Middle school, grades six through eight, is a time of rapid growth and development. While retaining a keen awareness of their early years of education, middle school students are also looking forward to the unknown world of high school.

The Sullins Academy school environment remains safe and nurturing. Class sizes are small, and students have the same teachers throughout their three years. Familiarity provides a feeling of comfort and acceptance. Students gain the confidence to ask questions and think independently. The core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies take on added rigor and focus. In the special area classes, Latin is added to Spanish as part of the foreign languages component. Art, music, physical education, and computer technology also remain integral. Elective alternatives, such as broadcasting, drama, chorus, and karate, give greater breadth to the overall middle school curriculum.

The use of technology accelerates rapidly in middle school. Every student has an iPad, and each teacher uses different techniques and methods to incorporate technology into their classroom. Laptops are integrated with large screen TVs.  Almost all classes are linked on an interactive educational site called Edmodo. Teachers and students can communicate easily through this medium, while bell ringers, quizzes, assignments, notes, and more can be made immediately available to the entire class from any location.

Character development is given even greater emphasis in middle school as the students face the changes that occur during these years. It is taught not only in each subject area but also in advisory groups. Middle school at Sullins Academy gives students the opportunity to bring  their learning together and to mature into young men and women prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.

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