Sullins Character Education

Campus and Facilities


Sullins Academy is located on a beautiful, 32-acre campus in Bristol, Virginia.

The indoor facility is 40,500 square feet and its three-wing design allows for the separation  of the students by division (lower, intermediate and upper) and activity.

The academic facilities are modern and continuously updated. Classrooms are equipped with large, flat-screen televisions, MacBooks, iPads, and wireless as well as cable access to the internet. Every middle school student also receives an iPad for classroom use. Apple desktop computers are available both in the cutting-edge computer lab and the spacious library. The computer lab is used both for classroom instruction and for innovative projects like the morning news broadcast. 

Sullins has a fully equipped science lab in the middle school, classrooms dedicated to music and art, and a cafeteria for lunch and other activities. The school’s gymnasium has a basketball court, climbing wall, and stadium seating. The campus also features regulation tennis courts, a quarter-mile track, playing fields, a large playground, and ample space in addition for outdoor play.

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