Random Acts of Kindness

The Lower and Intermediate School Student Council have challenged every student in our school to complete a random act of kindness.  Cards designed by our students have been distributed, and it is the hope of the Student Council that the cards will be passed around throughout the community in a “pay it forward” manner.

There are no guidelines on how big or small this act of kindness should be, whether or not money should be spent, or if it should be for a family member or a complete stranger.  We just ask that the card is left as an acknowledgement that a random act of kindness has been completed.

Ideas for your Random Act of Kindness:

  • Clean up litter
  • Fill and expired parking meter
  • Purchase food for the person behind you at the drive-thru
  • Put money in a vending machine
  • Buy groceries for the food bank
  • Bake something for your neighbor
  • Leave a copy of your favorite book in a public place
  • Buy dessert for someone who is eating alone
  • Pay for someone’s meal at a random table at a restaurant
  • Make a special treat and leave it for your mail carrier
  • Buy an extra umbrella and give it to someone on a rainy day
  • Set up a free lemonade stand on a hot day
  • Leave some extra stamps at the post office
  • Put someone’s grocery cart away at the store

Share your Random Act of Kindness with us HERE!

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