Come celebrate with us!

Join us at the 50th Anniversary Gala!  April 7. 

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    Grandparents Day

  • Celebrating 50 years

    Celebrating 50 years

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    Go Eagles

Welcome to the Sullins Academy Sandbox

Welcome to the Sullins Academy Sandbox Mara!

This sandbox is completely devoid of all design-elements - we promise the new site will not be styled in the austere white and grey you see here! Headers and other typographical elements, for example, will be styled according to the final website design (once confirmed). The pages we have built are at this point free of any content — no pictures, copy or design elements. For now, you’ll have to take a leap of faith in imagining that the site you see at the prototype phase and the site you will ultimately see are the same site, even though they look nothing like one another at this point!


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